Case Studies

Biomarker Qualification Program

Develop and implement a strategy to communicate about FDA’s Biomarker Qualification Program with a variety of audiences.


Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Create and carry out a strategic communications plan, based on the mindsets and goals of distinct target audiences, to educate about and encourage participation in FDA’s Biomarker Qualification Program (BQP).

Palladian Approach

Audience research using in-depth interviews provided insights into BQP’s stakeholder audiences, including members of the biomedical research community, pharmaceutical industry scientists and executives, patient advocates, and federal policymakers.

Although the stakeholders represent a broad range of needs and goals, they all indicated that they needed to hear from FDA directly about BQP. Palladian worked closely with CDER’s staff to develop a communication and outreach strategy, based on deep understanding of stakeholder interests and behaviors.

Our activities included:


Palladian is helping CDER communicate the importance of biomarkers and the value of qualification to new audiences. With the help of analytics reporting, we are continuing to assess and adjust our approach. For example, baseline review of web analytics data showed that users were having trouble finding and navigating through web pages for the biomarker qualification program. We suggested a redesigned information architecture for the BQP web section, and since its implementation, we have seen increased views of high-quality content within the section, along with a 14% decrease in bounce rates on key BQP pages and an exit rate decrease of 10%. While visitors used to use the BQP FAQ page to find content and navigate through the section, an improved left navigation bar has allowed users to directly navigate to the information they are seeking.


  • Audience research
  • Materials and publications development
  • Message development
  • Social media content development
  • Strategic communication planning
  • Strategic content development
  • Website content and multimedia strategy
  • Writing support

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